Dear guests

The restaurant will be closed this autumn and winter. We hope to reopen the restaurant with a new team in spring 2022.


Left to right L. Boyer, C. Gilles, V. Garbe, M. Rousselot

Loïc Boyer, head chef and restaurant manger, as well as Cédric Gilles, head patissier, Valentin Garbe, Cuisinier and Mélanie Rousselot, Service have prepared their best dishes with love and passion and ensured hours of conviviality.

During the corona crisis, the four decided to look for a new challenge. Loïc and Melanie will open their own restaurant in Lyon, Cédric has founded "Au Petit Sucre" and Valentin has accepted a position as head chef in Belfort.

We would like to thank the team and wish them all the best for the future. We will miss them so much!

We are looking for new culinary artists or investors to take over the restaurant “La Terrasse" and run it on their own account. Lease management or buyout of the business is possible. If you are interested, please contact Dieter Baumann directly on +41 79 405 83 79.


Restaurant La Terrasse, Beaucourt


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La Terrasse restaurant is in the heart of Beaucourt, right in the centre of the large "Parc des Cedres". It is part of the great complex of the over 200 year-old Fernand Japy Château which is one of the many mansions of the influential Japy family. The former stables and the structure of the large terrace form the centrepiece of this great tourist destination.


It is a perfect destination for business people, families and lovers of nature - as well as anyone who wants to enjoy both nature and WIFI at the same time.